Understanding Money Politic vs. Cost Politic Learning


In the life of nation and state we will definitely be introduced to POLITICS. Cloud society it will be very difficult to understand politics. At this time the community is still difficult and confused in these words and also confused what is done in providing information to people who interact with the community.

Simply put, “Money Politics” ? is a process that is mentioned that makes money, This process is often recognized by the community with the term ‘dawn attack’. A legislative candidate or Regional Head Candidate. Does not focus activities on community development programs to find several factors to enable them to give something to them. This is sometimes followed by a ‘black campaign’ to give political opponents.

“Politic Money destroys the character of the nation”
“Cost Politic builds national character”

‘Money Politics’ will flourish and be able to freely to the people who are still not enough information about political education, usually from the information available. For the metropolitan community, ‘money politics’ has begun. With gradations because the people understand the negative meaning of a political choice.
The perpetrators of “money politics” only change society as a political tool to get a “voter vote” and after a party of democracy, political actors can just expel people because they think they have paid.

Unlike ‘Cost Politic’ or political funds

The difference is very significant with ‘money politics’. ‘Political Costs’ or funds are funds that must be budgeted by Political Actors. Used to buy banners, posters, campaign shirts, campaign flags and even to make advertisements in mass media or even TV. This is intended to expand the information on the mission and vision of regional head candidates. Or presidential candidates, to the hope that they can choose them. Also Candidates, who need a Political Fund to make a breakthrough and provide benefits to the community. For example, provide free ambulances, facilitate education for training activities, and can be in the form of educational subsidies.

Need to read:

Understanding of money politics and political costs must be truly differentiated. So that they are no longer very indistinguishable and can become myths. It is very important to distinguish between money and political funds so that there is no more misunderstanding of the meaning of the two terms above. Community education that is still lay about politics and political actors is often cited as a politician to be ready to do ‘money politics’, and the public inadvertently leads this condition to happen.

The task of everyone who will do this is to provide a good understanding of the community that we can reach, politicians who are struggling and serious about the cost of ‘Politics of Cost’ to be differentiated by society and the provision of opportunities and trust, With the advancement of education and information technology in a region will erode Money Politics and provide a political atmosphere that is clean, transparent, peaceful and can provide benefits for the progress of a nation, Fooling and deceiving the future leaders of a nation to its people will be seen earlier, and the public can think intelligently, and be careful in giving voting rights to elections.



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