The Role of Information Technology in Politics



Politics is the activity of making collective decisions for the common good. Judging from social beings, it is clear that politics is a necessity for every human being. From a small family, class membership to the state is a political activity.

To achieve goals, political activities require interaction. The main interaction as a modern human is communication. With the existence of information technology, communication activities will be easier, faster and more efficient. This certainly will make a major contribution to political activities.

Unfortunately, until now political activities are often hit by problems to deal with such as the distance between one another. Until the filing activities are chaotic and complicated until the development of the ideals of a group disrupted due to scattered sources of evaluation.

Though the essence of politics the relationship between humans and the power of authority to get one goal, but if the relationship cannot be implemented then the political activities are futile.

Political activities are synonymous with complicated and unpleasant state activities. In fact, without politics, the state system cannot work. Democracy does not reverberate. The voice of the people cannot be realized. This generalization of views on politics caused by discomfort for people who are unfamiliar with politics.

For Senate members use their own culture and views in dealing with problems. The majority of people use the lay view to argue. Because of the lack of synchronization in expressing opinions between representatives of the people and the people, the opinions put forward by people’s representatives differ from what they really want.

The chaotic system and the primitive political activities in the modern era have made development activities worse. Communication that seems one-way confuses the public to contribute to the government. Even though it was stated in the constitution that sovereignty was in the hands of the people, but in realization it was minimal. If not followed up, the people can become passive and the democratic system does not work.

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Politics requires communication skills the main goals of things have been set together can be achieved. Conventional communication activities are not easy and inefficient to do, especially if the political activity is a country that takes care of hundreds of millions of people and must be submitted carefully. This where information technology used to help unite political activities.

Modern information technology influences governance and also politics in four ways:

  1. The new technology will change the details of the stages of government operations;
  2. Technology subtly changes the relationship between community choice leaders and technology experts in government;
  3. There will be a change in the character of the government as a source of information for the community;
  4. Technological developments will change the responsibility of the government as the owner of public information;

From this view, the community will ask for information clarity, transparency, freedom of opinion, and submission of suggestions.

This is the main pillar of democracy. This community demand needs to be facilitated by extensive social networking between the community and the community and to high officials.

Information technology provides extensive social networking facilities for communication activities between state officials and the public. As an example of realization, many developed countries have started to implement political activities that use information technology in full to contact between departments and governments. This activity referred to as e-government. Even as in the United States the president speaks once a week and answers specific questions from and to his people using applications on the internet.

The information technology facilities used in political activities in developed countries are as follows:

1. E-mail
E-mail electronic mail sent using a network between computers. For countries that are ready for e-government correspondence activities have been maximized as much as possible using electronic media. News delivered to certain agencies and officials will be easier and faster with high information security. In addition, the use of piles of paper can be reduced and reduce spending.

2. Government Portal

Portal is a special website that provides a place for government divisions to be accessible. This portal provides a special place for citizens who want to know the development of government activities. The portal also provides a place for citizens to interact with officials and direct community service.

3. Blogging

Blogging is an activity of writing information, both news and articles, and placed on an accessible page. For countries that have implemented e-government, blogging is a must thing to do so that people can find out what activities the government is doing. With the existence of blogging, government relations are closer to the community. The public can comment on what the government wrote. The Democracy can be established in a real way and the government can immediately evaluate itself.

4. Streaming Video
Video streaming is a video betting facility that can be accessed. Video streaming activities can be carried out off-air, which first recorded and then uploaded, or on-air, ie at the same time the streamed object accessed. In some developed countries, state leaders directly give speeches and questions and answers to the public using streaming video over the internet.



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