Making The Simple Animation Models


Stop Motion Animation

Make your models uncomplicated, simple and bold. Use primary colours. You don’t require a lot of details and so forth.

You just have 2-3 facial features to animate. Any more than that it becomes complex and expressions will likely be difficult to emote to the viewer. Think of Gromit for example. He does not speak and most of his emotions are expressed using his eyes, eyebrows and ears.

You only need several body features to animate. For example arms, legs and head. Although many stop motion characters may merge the top and body into one for instance and possess no legs or arms in any way.

Ensure the options are easily seen from the viewer. Make them big and bold. See the fantastic Aardman “Purple and Brown” characters. Notice how basic they may be with bold arms / legs yet filled with life.

Watch those legs or supports because model you create has got to capable of stand up by itself.

Although it is just a difficult discipline do develop a storyboard of some type. It does not should be complicated or well drawn. Scribble it on a small note as required.

The storyboard can become a bullet point record with the events that take place with your stop motion animation.

Estimate the length of time (in seconds ) for your various events within your animation.

You can sketch on your storyboard images for that various events. Stick figures are do not should be a good artist.

Filming your animated Movie

Choose your favorite stop motion animation software. For example, “frame grabbing software”.

If you might be by using a camcorder via Firewire its better to guarantee the camera is connected towards the energy as well as the tape removed the tape. If you happen to be using a Web camera be sure you possess the driver software installed before filming.

Frame capture Advice

You could possibly get excellent results with 15 frames per second. If you really would like smooth results than you can try 20 frames per second.

More Info :

Take 12 to 15 frames when introducing or opening a scene before your character lives or moves. This step is called scene settings. But also remember 15 frames is just 1 second at 15 fps. So it will pass in a short time.

Its normal to capture one frame per movement however, you can test out two frames should you desire.

A pause usually lasts a half an additional that means seven to eight frames for example between characters talking backwards and forwards to one another.

When you need to make your character blink take 3 frames with all the eye closed (at 15 fps )

To complete an animated scene, twelve to fifteen frames are needed.

Remember that movements must be small therefore the animation is smooth and flowing

Review your movie because you go along. Look for software that has a loop function feature that can be useful. Also remember to save your movie regularly or better still make use of an auto save function in case your software has it.

Editing the animation

Some modern stop motion software has been equipped with animated editing. Simplify When you make a movie that allows you to delete bad frames etc.

You may wish to extend some scenes by copying and pasting them.

New programs including iKITMovie riding time Sounds, voiceover and music through the filming or capture process which means you don’t have to use another editing program in order to complete your stop motion movie.

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