Herbal Remedy For Allergies From Natural Ingredients

Remedy For Allergies


Allergy is one variety of disorder that usually happens in humans. hypersensitivity reaction itself suggests that the reaction of the body is excessive to one thing worrisome. Foreign objects that trigger allergies are called allergens. If the allergens enter the body, then sisitem body will protect it by removing allergic signals.

People who have allergies will somehow be able to issue unusual reactions to foreign objects that enter the body, another case with people who do not have allergies to the foreign body, then the body reaction will be normal. Then Are There Any Herbal Medicines For Allergies That Can Cure It? Check out the following reviews.

One effort that can avoid allergies is to avoid things that can trigger the emergence of excessive reaction.

Usually certain foods or medicines can cause an allergy to a person, so you should be selective on certain foods or medications.

Also introduce all types of food to each member of the family, this is intended so that everyone knows what foods can cause allergic reactions in a person, keep the diet so that the body can be more immune to allergies. If it turns out allergies have occurred and react you can consume Herbal Medicines.

There are Herbal Medicines For Allergies (allergens), which you can make and consume yourself.

Here’s the recipe:
– Patikan china (Euphorbia thymifolia Burm) 60 grams
– Betel leaves 10 sheets

How to make :
Boil both ingredients in 600 liters of water.
after boiling, lift and chill
then wash the rash caused by allergies with the water.

Other Information :

The second way,
Recipe above mixed with:
– Lemon juice
– Coconut oil in one container

apply on the part of the body that has allergies
let it dry up overnight.

In addition, consuming vitamin D can also make the body stronger and avoid the body from excessive allergies. That’s a little review about herbal remedies that can treat allergies. Good luck.


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