Have you ever heard of the benefits of Zuriate Fruit? These are the Various Benefits that Other Fruits Do Not Have

The Benefits of Zuriate Fruits


Zuriate Fruits (Doum)

The Benefits of Zuriate Fruits – Have you ever heard of the name of the zuriate fruit? This one fruit is still foreign and rarely found in every country. This Egyptian fruit is reddish yellow, its shape is oval but its size is like apple. The sweet taste makes many people love it, especially the people of the middle east region.

Zuriat fruit is a fruit that is popular among pilgrims. This fruit has many benefits. In addition  high nutrient content for all who consume it. Zuriat fruit is a fruit native to Upper Egypt, also found in Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania. It has high could reach 15.2 meters (50 feet) and the tree has a slender trunk and branches is smooth, each tipped with a small, stiff, green, leaves like a fan.

Fruit zuriat better known by the fruit of Doum in the middle east. In addition, also known as the fruit of adam and hawa. Quirky is not it? Fruit with unique shape, unique taste, unique name, and of course have unique benefits.

You can eat the fruit of zuriate by eating it directly or mixed into the dish. In addition to the fruit that can be consumed, seeds from this fruit can you use as a sweets or syrup. Nutritional content in the zuriate fruit is high enough, so it gives benefits for your body health.

So what are the benefits of fruit zuriat, which you can get? Here is the information:

1. Anti allergy
Do you suffer from allergies to cold temperatures or allergies of any kind? Tend to allergies cause itching in some parts of the skin. Well, it happens because your immune system is not running maximally.

To overcome this, consume the fruit of zuriate. Zuriate fruit containing hydroxycinnamates and flavonoids can help reduce the risk of allergies. In addition, the zuriate fruit also has anti allergies, so various problems related to allergies can be easily overcome, even prevent.

2. Prevents free radicals
Free radicals in the body often occur because of negative environmental effects, such as the amount of air pollution, too often exposed to sunlight, and become passive smokers. In addition, the consumption of junk food will increase the risk of free radicals. Well, the benefits of the fruit of zuriat one of them is to balance the impact of these free radicals.

Zuriate fruit has a high content of antioxidants, so as to reduce free radicals, including reducing stress.

3. Make youthful
Having a youthful face is everyone’s dream. However, the dream is blocked by the presence of signs of premature aging such as fine lines on the face, wrinkles, and increasingly dull face. The signs of premature aging can you handle by eating the fruit of zuriat or by making a mask of zuriate fruit.

In the second point has been explained that the fruits of zuriat have high antioxidant substances, antioxidants will certainly help eliminate signs of premature aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, and dull face you will disappear, so that premature aging is getting hampered, even you will look younger than the original age.

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4. Overcoming high blood
Increased blood pressure can cause heart disease and stroke, because both diseases do occur due to not optimal blood flow by the heart. Well, the benefits of the next zuriat fruit is to help lower blood pressure. With reduced blood pressure, then the heart’s performance is more optimal.

So by eating the fruits of zuriat regularly, not only able to overcome high blood pressure or hypertension, but also suppress heart disease and stroke.

5. Improve fertility
Here it is the reason why fruit zuriat known as fruit adam and hawa. Yes, Adam is indeed the first couple on earth. A couple must have a dream to be given a baby soon. For those who have been waiting a long time but never given a baby, then the fruit of zuriat you can make an alternative.

The benefit of the zuriate fruit is to overcome the problem of reproduction, in this case means to increase fertility. Unstable hormones can be overcome by eating the fruit of zuriat. Thus, the desire to be soon given a baby can be immediately realized thanks to the fruit of zuriat. In addition to the fruit of zuriat you can also consume the fruit of young dates to improve uterine fertility.

6. Overcoming constipation
Constipation or stoppage of the digestion often occurs in everyone. Constipation is caused by poor diet, for example the amount of sugar and fat consumption, while there is no fiber content at all. Maybe all this time you overcome constipation with laxatives, but it turns out laxatives give effect less good for the body, especially if consumed in excess doses.

Well, to be more secure, consume the fruit of zuriat, because the benefits of the fruit of zuriat one of them is to overcome the problem of the digestive system. Zuriate fruit contains fiber and minerals that can facilitate the process of excretion through bowel movements.

7. Heals wounds
Why do zuriat fruit heal wounds? Yes, because the nutrients and vitamins that play a role in accelerating wound healing are found in the fruit of zuriate. Germs that are harmful to the wound will be killed because of vitamin C in the fruit of zuriat. That way, will prevent the occurrence of infection when the wound appears.

In addition, the benefits of zuriate fruit can also increase the immune system is decreased due to injury. Yes, when the wound occurs automatically the human immune system will decrease. However, it can be overcome by the fruit of zuriat.


8. As a thirst release
Just like other fruits in general are able to eliminate thirst. Zuriat fruit can be processed into a simple drink. Zuriat seeds themselves can be processed into a nutritious syrup, can also be made sweets. In addition to having a sweet taste, the fruit is very fresh zuriat, so as to remove the thirst.

Obviously the processed drink of zuriate fruit is very rich in nutrients and benefits. So, do not hesitate to always eat fruit that comes from Egypt.

9. Added nutrition
Because the nutritional content in the fruit of zuriat very much, then when you consume it will flow a lot of nutrients for the body. Starting from proteins, minerals, fatty acids, essential oils, and other nutrients, you can get from the fruit of zuriat.

Whether it consume fruit zuriat directly or processed into drinks, nutrients obtained will not be reduced. That way, the immune system is increasing, the health of the body was awake.

Although somewhat rare, but many who want fruit zuriat, even to order away from Egypt or other middle east countries. This is because the benefits of the zuriat are very rich, even some of the benefits you can not get from other fruit.

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