All History About Vodka


All about Vodka

Vodka Until now it may still be a debate about where the vodka came from. Whether it’s from Russia or Poland, Russians say that vodka began to be produced around the end of the 9th century.

While Polish people say they have produced in the early 8th century! but don’t forget that in the Khylnovsk area the first distillery was established, in Russia and it was only known in 1174. I don’t know …

The word vodka itself can be interpreted as “Water of life or little Water” is a national drink of Russians, and is also a proud drink of Poles! Confused?

At the beginning of the vodka was made from potatoes or potatoes, but now very rarely still use it, many of them have moved to the Rye type Grain.

Began to be known outside eastern Europe and Scandinavia in the era of World War II as “White Whiskey”. because the character of the Vodka is clear, pure, clear and neutral, so it is easy to match with any type of mixer, softdrink, juices or other types of liqueur.
Next, we try to make some Vodka available on the market:

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The only Swedish vodka that has the highest sales record in the world. including the three biggest brand Spirits after Bacardi and Smirnoff. The largest market share is still America, even in 2003 Absolute export value to America reached 73 million liters! quite a variety of choices; blue, vanilla, currant, pepper, mandarin, citron, also Raspberry.


This Native American vodka, or rather San Francisco, California, may be a newcomer, first launched in 1991. But in an instant it became so popular. Inspired when he found the vodka he drank felt very rough, then Marice Kanbar, owner of SKYY conducted research and research … finally launched SKYY, Four times distillation and three times filtration.


Other than the others, this traditional vodka has the characteristic of Bison Grass (Hierochloe odorata) in it! This bison favorite food usually grows wild in Poland there. This plant contains Coumarin, which is often used as a flavoring agent for tobacco, food and beverages.


This premium version of vodka is produced using selected barley and pure Sring Water filtered with glacial Moraine rock, from the name of this produced in Finland, in Korskonkova distillery in 1970. Options offered: Lime, cranberry, grapefruit, mango.


With 40% abv, Russian Standard is based on the standard of the emperor TZar, using the Wheat winter from the best harvest plus water taken from pure snow melt.


Super premium Russian wheat, released by crystal distillery, Moscow in 1989. Launched to rival the emergence of super dooper vodka in its time … rich in flavor, with a clear aroma of wheat.



Winner of World Spirits Champinship in 2001. A beautiful handicraft, a combination of grain, Rye, and barley from the best crops with spring water from Cognac. And filtered with limestone from Champagne.

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Distillation from 100% Dankowskie gold rye, the only successful type of grain used to make this Bevarages, is very selective indeed for a quality. Taken from the name of the Polish Presidential Palace which means “beautiful to see”


Made from Organic wheat which grows in centerbury, New Zealand and uses spring water which is excavated from a depth of 1000 ft below the ground.


Trademark of Dr. Kauffman, the biggest owner of Squirrel Wine & spirit in Russia .. Made from wheat which was strictly selected and must be from the same year of harvest. Only produce as many as 25000 bottles each. And include a limited edition number.

There are many more brands on the market that have not been able to appear.

What do you think is the best Vodka? and where it came from



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