23 Benefits of Goldenberry Fruit

Physalis Peruviana


Goldenberry fruit is often considered one eye by some people. Besides because it usually lives in the bushes, it seems less familiar. However, when the Goldenberry fruit is ripe which is marked with the color of reddish yellow fruit skin accompanied by a soft fruit texture, this fruit will taste sweet and different chewy sensation. Goldenberry plants usually grow independently on a plot of land, It may be rather difficult to find in urban areas.

Physalis Peruviana

Other name :

  • Cape gooseberry
  • Physalis
  • Peruvian groundcherry
  • Morel berry
  • Physalis tomentosa


23 Benefits of Goldenberry Fruit

1. Treating Epilepsy

The epilepsy can easily be marked by the loss of one’s consciousness followed by convulsions and foaming from the mouth This disease is also known as seizure disorder For people with epilepsy, sometimes they feel embarrassed when this syndrome strikes because it is not known when it is time.

To overcome this, Goldenberry fruit can be used as a medicine. However, it is good if you continue to consult with the relevant physician and treatment with these, Goldenberry just as a companion in the acceleration of cure your epilepsy. Consumption of fruit Goldenberry 10 items on a daily basis and feel the benefits.

2. Overcoming Canker Sores
Thrush can be defined as diseases of the gums, inner mouth, and tongue characterized by the appearance of red and white spots. People with canker sores usually complain of pain and irritation especially when used for eating and drinking. 

Not to mention coupled with the appearance of bad breath due to bacterial activity in the mouth, Now you do not need to worry because the vitamin C content in the Goldenberry able to prevent and treat canker sores. The trick is very easy is to consume 10 grains of Goldenberry fruit every day directly or made juice.


3. Lowering High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition where the blood pressure exceeds reasonable limits. This will certainly be fatal if it continues to be left. Make a concoction by boiling five Goldenberry fruit on 100 ml of water. 

Boil for 5 minutes so that the nutritional content is not lost and evaporated, Strain the cooking water and drink when it has turned into a little warm regularly twice a day. You can check the difference in blood pressure before and after taking this herb.

4. Heals Asthma
asthma is also known as lung pain, When something is wrong with your lungs, it may result in its ability as a respiratory organ, Your breath will not be as optimal as it used to be, For that, you have to solve it as early as possible before it gets worse. This time you not only need the fruit but all the Goldenberry plants such as leaves, stems, and roots. Boil them all in enough water to boil. Filter the ingredients to separate the dregs. Drink potions while warm three times a day on a regular basis.


5. Medication Boils/Abscess

Do not let your handsome or beauty levels drop drastically because of the appearance of ulcers on the skin, In addition to lowering confidence, ulcers will certainly provide discomfort for the sufferer. Blend a few pieces of Goldenberry until smooth, Then apply on the skin of the whistle. Allow to dry then rinse with water, Repeat this step three times a day until the ulcers are completely deflated.

6. Kidney Stone Drugs
Detained urine will be at risk for kidney stones. Of course the first thing to do before treatment is to improve your habits. When the urge to urinate arises, hurry to the toilet to remove it. 

However, if you are difficult to urinate for some reason, try to make potions by boiling 10 grains of Goldenberry in a glass of water. boil until the remaining water is half a glass. Drink while warm and do regularly three times a day.

7. Helps Neutralize Toxins
It is undeniable that a lot of food that you consume every day. But sometimes because of inadvertence, we eat food that has been expired or food that actually should not be eaten, even eaten and into the stomach. 

As a result the body will be poisoned in certain levels, In addition to using pure milk, you can now utilize the Goldenberry fruit to solve this problem. Eat as much Goldenberry fruit accompanied by water to help neutralize toxins.

8. As an Energy Reserve

Sweet taste in the Goldenberry fruit indicate the presence of sugar in it. This will certainly be good to sustain your daily activities, let alone you are a hard worker. Sugar content in Goldenberry able to energize your body. Diligently consume Goldenberry fruit every day.

9. Relieves Cough
Who would have thought this little fruit is also able to relieve cough. The trick is to boil 5 grains of Goldenberry fruit in one glass of water. Boil until boiling then add a little lemon juice. Stir and drink while warm. In addition to functioning to relieve stubborn cough, this herb is also good for consumption for those of you who have problems in the throat.

10. Drugs Flu Diseases / Colds
Because the Goldenberry rich in vitamin C, then this one fruit can cure people with the flu. The trick is cut a few leaves of Goldenberry then boiled. Take boiled water and then drink it to the flu person.

11. Natural Medicine for Sore Throat
Closely related to the flu with sore throat, therefore this fruit can also be for sore throat. The exact same way is to boil the Goldenberry leaves and drink.

12. Accelerate Wound Healing
Because in Goldenberry leaf contains a lot of chlorophyll, it can also to speed up the drying of new wounds. The way is enough to pound Goldenberry leaf then apply on the wound.


13. Heal and Relieve Lymph Node Disease

For those of you suffering from swollen lymph nodes it is advisable to consume boiled water from this Goldenberry leaf.

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14. Treating Heart Disease
Not many people know that this one plant can treat diseases of the heart. The way we mash 40 pieces of Goldenberry leaves until smooth or like juice, then immediately consumed without using a mixture of water.

15. Lower Heat / Fever
Heat fever especially in children can be solved only by consuming this Goldenberry fruit.

16. Cure Breast Cancer
Goldenberry is a traditional medicine to treat cancer, especially breast cancer. The way is quite easy, namely by preparing 4 pieces of Goldenberry leaf buds, 4 seeds of rice, and shoots of turmeric. Finely mashed the three ingredients and then coat the breast with the collision.

17. Treating Stroke
Consuming the fruit on a regular basis can help stroke patients to restore nerve cells.

18. Treating Diabetes Disease
Diabetes can be overcome with this magic fruit, how to boil the stem and roots Goldenberry then drinked regularly, ie 3 times a day.

19. Overcoming Joint Pain
Joint and rheumatic pain can be overcome by mixing or mashing the leaves of Goldenberry along with whiting and paste into your problem joints.

20. Increase Children’s intelligence
Goldenberry fruit mixed with water, lime, and a little sugar in addition to delicious it can also improve the intelligence of children.

21. Eliminates Yellowing in Newborns

Goldenberry fruit can also remove the yellow in newborns. How, Goldenberry in drying to dry, then used to bathe in newborns.

22. Unconscious People Faint
Take root and burn. Then the ashes are mixed with whiting. After that mix with a little coconut oil, and dab on the head of a person who was unconscious.

23. Lowers cholesterol
Part of the Goldenberry fruit was also able to lower cholesterol you know. The way to eat leaves from Goldenberry fruit two strands three times a day.

Those are some of the benefits of the Golden Berry fruit, if you know any other benefits, please add them to the comment field, thank you.

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